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366 unit mid-rise community
Arlington, Virginia

Problem: Severe problem with window leaks.  Maintenance staff had been caulking, providing only a temporary solution for those residents persistent in their complaints. The project was experiencing high turnover because of the leaks.

Solution: Directed maintenance staff to inspect every window, noting location and whether there was evidence of leaks.  Using this data and knowing the exact number of defective window, negotiated a favorable contract to add or repair flashing above the leaky windows.

Problem: Limited parking of only 1.2 spaces per unit, created havoc among the residents.  Spaces had been assigned to each apartment, regardless of the demand.
Solution: Researched parking plans of competing properties. Developed a parking space pricing plan allowing residents to lease spaces. Revenue increased and parking situation improved.

Problem: Comparable communities had resident clubrooms.

Solution: The leasing office was 700 square feet and located in front of the pool, large enough to accommodate 50 people.  Leasing office was moved to a vacant one-bedroom unit. The poolside building was remodeled for a clubroom. The new amenity justified an increase in rental rates and other income increased due to clubroom rentals.

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